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Payment by Credit Card

Professional, Fast and Secure Payment Processing: Pay through credit card via Paybis.com.
  • Why Paybis.com?
  • Paybis.com is one of the leading and safest payment services. That's why we choosed Paybis.com for fast, easy, and safe payment processing. Accepts MasterCard and Visa for purchases up to $10,000 per week.
  • How does it work?
  • Once your credit card payment is done on Paybis.com, we will receive the Bitcoin on a unique wallet address that matches your order so we can validate your payment very fast. You will shortly receive a confirmation email informing you that your order is being prepared by our logistics team. In other words, Paybis.com acts as a converter from your currency to Bitcoin and then automatically sends us the Bitcoins.
  • I don't know anything about Bitcoin?
  • How does Bitcoin work? You don't need to understand the whole technical details of Bitcoin. All that Paybis.com asks you is the unique payment code, which will be given to you on the confirmation page. That's it! Pay easy with Paybis.com.
  • Is it really anonymous?
  • The online payment on your statement will be displayed as a “Simplex_Paybis payment"

    Note: For your first payment on Paybis.com, you will need to verify your identity with Paybis.com. This is a normal procedure for all payment card sites (Lifetech-Store.com will never have your personal information)

    That will make it a lot easier and fast for each payment of your order.

Where to start ?

To pay through credit card, place and order on our site by selecting the «CREDIT CARD» and copy the payment code that was given to you:

Note: The amount in USD ($) to be filled in step (2) below in «Amount you deposit». This amount already includes 10% Paybis transfer fee.


For any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service which will be happy to answer all your requests within 24 hours.